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I got spore Monday and started playing that night, I haven't done much of anything else except work and play spore, with some sleep in between when absolutely necessary. I have to say I really like this game. The amount of creativity you can express in it is amazing.

I play as TibsFox

Landfall - Finish the Cell stage
Evolver - Finish Creature stage
Founder - Finish Tribal stage

Starman - Finish Civilization

Once in space you get 10 Titles to work through. Each time you finish a title you are promoted to the next and gain some more attributes.

Completed 8 Titles.

Today I finished the last Title, it's almost 2am Friday morning.

So 1/3 of the game was spent on working with creatures, the rest was working with planets.
I like all the stages but really didn't spend much time in the first 4, space is where I wanted to be. So I just kinda just stormed through them. Once I got to space I had a really hard time getting started but eventually got a foothold and started really exploring. My main goal in playing was to get through all the stages and get all the titles in space. Now that I have done that, this was on easy settings mind you, I will go back now and play on normal settings now that I have a feel for the game. There are a bunch of things left to get so I will work on those now that I'm not trying to get into space so fast. A lot of the things you get just happen while playing around.

I haven't encountered anything that seems like a bug yet. I had it crash on me once but it was when I was trying to close it anyway so I didn't care. You have to remember to push ctrl-s to save your game periodically or else if you crash, all your progress is gone. I have no idea why there isn't an auto save feature.

I really like the music, it blends in really well with the game, I normally hate music in games and turn it off, but spore it just works. It's generative and based on what is going on in the game. Eventually I found my self playing off sound cues that happen when certain things occur in the game. You get to know the buzz you ship makes when you need to go recharge your batteries. If you don't you blow up. Getting killed is harmless to the point of being re-spawned somewhere else sometimes. You really can't just sit there, things are happening all the time. Your allies get pissed if you don't help them, and you have to help your own planets all the time or you will lose them to other races. Space feels like Homeworld, being on planet is kinda like Civilization. I can feel the influences of a lot of past games here. Spore is not a FPS, and it's not WOW.

With the creature/building/ship/planet editing abilities, the game has endless customization. It is fun to see other peoples creatures running around on planets. You basically get to make all your own stuff in the game, and that gets shared with everyone else. So the game is a mix of your stuff and things other people have made. You can limit the content from online, and pick and choose what you share yourself.

The game is really about making things, playing with them, and sharing them with other people.

Big thumbs up from me, it was worth the wait.
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