tiggerfox (tiggerfox) wrote,

Cube Crawl

We have a party at work every once in a while, we call it a cube crawl. The name comes from the first time we had this party. Everyone decked out their cubes, and had alcohol at each cube. Basically by the end of the night people were crawling between cubes. It's not a company sanctioned event, we just use the office space as a place to have a party. There is a DJ setup and various folks play music. I was asked to play some stuff this time.

I didn't feel like actually bringing in things to play music so I made a set last night to play at the party. I thought I would post the mix up for others to take listen to if they feel like it.

The cuts are rough and didn't have time to polish. A jazzy drummy analogy breakbeaty kind of thing.

80 mins, 192MB

Happy Friday.
Tags: music
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