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08 October 2008 @ 11:55 pm
Cats and Castro  
Not much to say.. we have a new factory replacement cat.
Had a good time, feet hurt, was good to get out of the house.
pics of the cat (it's been soon) and more from the city.

I like to stare into the sun.. well this light will do.

Funky JoJo doesn't sit still...

one second later

... meanwhile at the Castro there was a big party.. kinda.

Eric and I went up to see the street fair. We meet up with Matt, Bev, and K. at their place and headed up to the city.

Random pictures that seem so much more then they were at the time.

These take on a a whole new perspective taken out of context =)

various flowers..

random things..

I really liked this wall.


Someone lost their shoes..


we took bart.