tiggerfox (tiggerfox) wrote,

if only..

48 cores, 512GB ram, 16GB video
10TB Storage (1.7 GByte/sec, 3 µsec latency, 1 Million random or sequential IOPS)

$1927 B8812F48W8HR 4U TYAN S8812 (S8812WGM3NR)
$1199 x4 ($4796) AMD OPTERON 6176 2.3gh
$553 x32 ($17,696) Kingston ValueRAM 16 GB Memory - DIMM 240-pin - 1066 MHz ( PC3-8500 )
$15,117 PNY nVidia Quadro Plex 2200 S4 Graphics System
$621 HP NC550SFP Dual Port 10GbE Server Adapter Network adapter
~$200,000 10TB Violin 3200
$3,998 (used) ViewSonic VP 2290b 3840x2400


could be expanded to 64 cores when the 16 core opterons are out.
could double the throughput on the storage with another v3200. +$200k
a second Quadro Plex 2200 S4 could be added.
Tags: computer

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