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Chaos and consciousness

Things to think about.

How do you you teach yourself that you are you at a young enough age to keep yourself from hurting yourself?
You are me, when they say we are one this is what this means to me.
We all kinda think the same because we are the same, but we are different.
Long ago something happened like the Big Bang, it ties us together.
We are all shooting through space in close to the same path but because of all the randomness of time we all have these differences.
We are echoes of an infinite past, something along those lines.
We are the spaces between it all, spirals and spinning, and physics.
When the Big Bang happened it was like ringing a bell, everything in the universe has a relationship via spin.
From day one, it's so complex we can't even make sense of it, but it's there.
It looks like a fractal, an oscillator, the universe is an oscillator.
It keeps exploding and collapsing on itself and who knows how long that period is.
We might not collapse either, just dissipate into space, but then the same thing happens again, pop here we go!
We have lived infinite lives, over and over again.
Each and every interaction adding to the equation, adding to the memory of it all.
Things like Star Trek and our wildest imaginations happened, but they are like memories from the past, or echos of the future.
Every time things collapse and explode you kinda stay in the same trajectory.
Why we feel so closely related, why everything around us kinda just works, it's how this part of space works.
If you go somewhere else it's different, there is probably math in there that could explain it.
Every time the Big Bang happens we go the same way, ish.
We have been down the same path infinite times but basically the universe is all the different ways you can spin things.
We all came from the same point in space.
Maybe we figured something out, and popped in here, it's just taken a few billion years to kinda get our shit together again.
Time may have nothing to do with it and it is just fooling us, are we are really just everywhere all the time?
Why do the ravens come sit with me on the playa and watch the sunrise?
Why do we all kind of speak the same language but are physically separated?
Why do we all share these strange ideas of god?
Distant memories of ourselves, we keep figuring it out, we keep leaning this but eventually it all ends and we start over.
Maybe if we can hold society together long enough we can figure out how to last, but how long is long enough?
The ideas of some of the sci fi stories stretch eons.
At the root of it, we are all just a mass of spinning energy that somehow has consciousness, we all vibrate the same.
Why does color and sound resonate so well with us, the periodic table?
It's all the same seed in a random number generator, illuminated by the same light.
When you add up all the random ways shit can explode and bounce from the Big Bang you get us.
But that's just this spot, Déjà vu.
All the weird shit we can possibly imagine has probably happened.
That is why we are so traumatized, but we can't really remember.
Why we feel love and compassion and empathy.
We have art and beauty too, we have everything possible, we have been everything.
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